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Acne Conglobata

As we all know women are more prone to suffer from acne as compared to men. However, there are quite a number of men who are suffering from this problem. There are different kinds of acne and one of them is acne conglobata. This is a disorder that affects men but can rarely hit women. Men suffering from this problem can definitely impact a Acne Conglobataman’s life. It can cause him to lose job and his daily routine would be affected. This is so embarrassing and would require a treatment that can last for years.

Acne conglobata is one type of acne that is cystic in nature. It can be characterized inflamed acne nodules. It starts under the skin that can lead to deep scarring. This is often difficult to treat. The cyst contains puss that got bad smell. After removing the puss, this could return after awhile. You can find acne conglobata anywhere in chest, shoulders, back and face. This could result from decaying acne or it can be formed from old acne which leads to big nodules.

Acne conglobata can be blamed on genes. It is caused by over production of sebaceous gland that is due to lifestyle and even stress. The stress can trigger the androgen hormones to over produce. The hormones are found in men. Together with follicle and bacteria, dead skin cells can form and acne is inevitable. Treating this problem is difficult. There are topical treatments that don’t work. It is best to seek the help of your dermatologist that would provide antibiotics. This can help minimize the inflammation. The bacteria are the main cause of this problem.

Isotretinoin is a drug that cures acne conglobata. This is made from synthetic retinoid. It is used under the supervision of dermatologist. This is a treatment that is effective because it cure the main cause of acne. It can decrease production of oil. It can unclog the pores that block dead skin cells. It can also control inflammation.

Of course, there are side effects of this acne medications that includes diarrhea, rectal bleeding, high cholesterol level, depression, headaches that are severe and more. In more severe cases, there are medications that are prescribed. There is a surgical approach that can be considered. It drains the fluid to extract cyst that cause acne to swell. To avoid breakout, men are advised to make sure that they practice shaving. The razor should be sharp and clean.