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Hormonal Acne

Acne is a problem that affects millions of people around the world.  Most people think that acne happens due to a variety of factors, such as external factors.  For example, a person might think that they suffer from acne because they have dirty skin, or because their skin is too oily.

While it’s true that a person can break out with pimples due to dirty or oily skin, many times, the oily skin is a symptom of a larger problem.  Many times, a person can suffer from oily skin due to a series of factors, or hormones.  hormonal acneAs a matter of fact, hormonal acne occurs with several groups of people.  For example, it’s very common for teenagers to experience acne the most.  This is because their hormones are changing, as they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.  As a matter of fact, the teenage years are some of the most transitional years of one’s life.

The body is undergoing amazing changes from head to toe, and everywhere in between.  Children are growing in height, they are experiencing puberty, their emotions are maturing, and along with all this, they will experience for hormonal changes in their skin, which leads to acne.

However, many adult women are finding out that they can experience acne as well.  For example, they will experience acne if they are pregnant.  A pregnant woman is also going through a tremendous amount of hormonal changes during her pregnancy.  In addition to this, her hormones will naturally be off the balance, because her body is supporting another life form.  So acne is a common side effect of pregnancy.  Menstruating women because of the hormonal changes they experience once a month, find that they might break out with acne as well.  Here’s a look at the three groups of people who suffer from hormonal acne, and some things they can do to live with it.

Teenagers and Hormonal Acne

Again, it’s common for teenagers to experience acne through no fault of their own.  One thing they can do is to make sure that they’re not punishing themselves by applying harsh cleansers on their face, or that they are over-treating oily skin.  This is because stripping the skin of its oils will actually make the acne worse.  On top of this, they’ll find that their acne becomes inflamed and sore, and they will have created a vicious cycle of acne when they are taking harsh extremes are getting rid of the acne.  Along with this, teenagers can help their hormonal balance by watching the types of food that they eat, because teenagers are notorious for eating some of the worst junk food in the world, and making a steady diet of junk food.

Pregnant Women And Hormonal Acne

Pregnant women simply have to hang in there.  There’s nothing that they can do, nor is there anything that they can take internally to manage their hormones during a time of pregnancy.  However, one thing they can do to take care of their acne in a covert way, is to do calming exercises.  If a woman exercises in a way that is safe during her pregnancy, she’ll release stress hormones, and this can help her with her acne.

Women Experiencing Hormonal Imbalances

If a woman is simply suffering from hormonal imbalances, and if she’s not pregnant, she can be prescribed a birth control pill regimen.  Birth control pills will help her in two ways.  For one thing, they will to help regulate her menstrual cycles, and they will help to regulate her hormones.  Many women have found that when they started a regimen of birth control pills, they experience clearer skin.  This is especially true when they are prescribed some of the newer brands of birth control pills that have been formulated to address the hormone imbalances that causes acne.

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