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Treatment For Severe Acne – Which Is The Best?

Some people may not be as lucky as others in terms of acne intensity, so treatment for severe acne are manufactured. The indications that you have serious acne include profound abscesses, irritation, wide spread injury to your skin and as well as mutilated skin. When your acne reaches this far, it already needs a forceful medication procedure and you need the help of a dermatologist. Serious forms of acne need a long period of medication and you have to be ready for some disappointments during the treatment.

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Forms of Treatment for Severe Acne

Luckily for people with severe acne, curing the skin condition through a treatment is already possible. Below is a list of the treatments which may help you with the problem.

  • Drainage and surgical removal – There are forms of acne that do not react to medicines – that is why drainage and removal is needed. This is a type of surgical procedure for acne which is done by a well-trained dermatologist. One word of advice, do not try to squeeze nor prick your acne to avoid contamination and to prevent aggravating your acne as well as causing blemishes on your skin. Let your dermatologist do it for you!
  • Interlesional corticosteroid injection – Ruptures and scarring will occur if your acne turns out to be seriously agitated. This kind of condition can be injected with a larger amount of watered down corticosteroid to reduce the swelling and to help restore the health of your skin. The function of this treatment is to dissolve the swelling for about three to five days.
  • Isotretinoin – This is a kind of powerful medicine that can only be used if the serious acne is established to be resilient to other forms of treatments. It is an artificial form of retinoid, a kind of vitamin that can be taken orally two times a day for a period of 16 to 20 weeks. Isotretinoin is considered as the most efficient acne medication due to its capabilities to reduce excessive oil development, unclogged skin pores, lessen propionibacterium acnes as well as reduce swelling. Isotretinoin treatment is long lasting and a lot of individuals only need one program of isotretinoin medication.
  • Oral Antibiotics – This is a very popular form of treating severe acne. Its main purpose is to lessen the development of Propionibacterium acnes to avoid further swelling. Oral antibiotics medication is commonly given in elevated dosages and gradually lessened if the acne shows improvement. However, propionibacterium acnes bacteria may resist antibiotics, particularly if you have been using it for a long time. If this happens, another kind of antibiotic will be recommended.
  • Birth Control Pills – They are also efficient in clearing acne, particularly in females because they hold back their overactive sebaceous glands. The treatment can be employed for a long period, but should not be recommended for females who smoke, women with blood-clotting problems, as well as women over the age of 35 and have been suffering migraine.

People who are living in this time and age are fortunate enough because new technologies provide treatment for severe acne, among other things. If you are suffering from this type of acne, do not delay. Consult a dermatologist immediately so that you can start treating your acne problem.

What Product To Use As Treatment for Severe Acne?

The answer is yes. There are products that work inside out to assure that the acne-causing bacteria dies while also giving you clear and beautiful skin. One product to consider is called ClearPores.

What makes ClearPores one of the treatments for acne? Well, it simply contains a blend of ingredients that is guaranteed to work on your acne problem. It contains three products inside one package plus two more products that can be used for acne eruptions in the body. Don`t ever think that this is too expensive. In fact, buying the 5-pack product will only cost you around $84. Try it out and you will find out that it`s all worth it.

Home Acne Treatments That Work

Sometimes the thing that your skin needs is an all-natural approach to treating your acne and getting away fromhome acne treatments that work harsh chemicals. Take into consideration your skin type. If your skin tends to be dry use ingredients that promote moisture such as olive oil; but if your skin is oily avoid these ingredients and use things like pureed apples instead. Make sure that your scrubs and cleansers have exfoliates that properly clean out your pores and leave your skin healthy.

Mix together 1 cup of honey, one half cup of sesame seeds, dried mint or lavender and a few teaspoons of lemon juice. The honey helps to keep your face moist and doesn’t dry it out and doubles as an astringent. The sesame seeds help your skin to heal faster and clean out your pores. The lavender or mint has antibacterial and astringent properties. And the lemon is a powerful antibacterial agent that will help to get rid of existing pimples. Gently scrub onto your face and rinse off with warm water.

To maximize the results of any treatment for this type of acne make sure that before you clean your face open up your pores. Opening up your pores makes it easier to clean out the bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and oil that gets clogged in your pores. The best way to open your pores is by steaming them open, either in a shower or in a steam bath. After cleaning your face close your pores again by using ice, this will make it harder for your pores to get clogged again.

Severe Acne Best Treatment

If your acne is genuinely severe you may want to avoid gentle cleansers and use cleansers that have powerful ingredients. Ingredients like salicylate acid and benzoyl peroxide can irritate your skin, but are the best products to use to clear up severe acne. If your acne is severe and isn’t going away even after months of treatments, you may want to talk with your doctor. Your doctor can guide you to the best treatments that will work specifically for your skin.

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