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Hormonal Acne Treatment

Many girls and including some boys suffer from hormonal acne, these happen during the peak of hormonal changes in adolescent years, when the body evolves into this fast pace transition between childhoods to adulthood. Remember that most girls will suffer hormonal breakouts for acne through their adult years because of their menstrual cycle and period; it would be such a drag being in this predicament every month of your fertile life. But there are many ways to fight it or to control it to a level that can be beneficial and can still make you feel and look comfortable with the outside world. Below are tips which you can follow to do so.

Junk foods and processed food should be avoided weeks before and after your period. I know it may sound harsh to keep you away from the food that you so loved when those hormonal imbalances strikes. But if you make a calendar out of it, you will left with a 1 week window per month where you can freely enjoy all the processed food that you wanted. Sugar, flour and fats are the biggest culprit to cause acne outbreaks during these stages, so cutting on them or making sure they are under control will do your body good. Eat a diet that is whole foods and not fast foods. Remember what you eat will show the status of your skin on the outside.

Prevention before the breakout – The good thing about acne due to hormones is you will know their schedule before they arrive, so by the time they will start popping out, you can apply cleanser and acne fighting products to the area that is commonly widespread with acne, which is the face, the shoulders and the back, sometimes in the neck and chest area. Always try and go for cleansers with active ingredients of salicylic acid and some benzoyl peroxide creams to prevent early breakouts from happening and to control them.

Like I mentioned Hormonal-Acneearlier, you are what you eat and your outer glow will depend on your food intake, so your skin will react to mostly what you have for dinner and for lunch. Eat well and eat foods that combat acne. Foods that have rich in minerals like zinc and fish oils prevent and fight off acne. If you can`t eat this type of food that usually carries this vitamins and minerals, then take supplements to get them. There are many vitamin supplements that have them and always pick the strongest ones that will be beneficial to you.

Keeping clean and healthy lifestyle is always part of our everyday lives and should be our priority. So clean out your towels, pillows and handkerchiefs, and yes everything that touches our skin should be clean. The biggest culprit is our hands, it is always dirty by touching everything from the door knobs to our food, so if we touch our face we contaminate the oils that are present and this may cause a heavy acne breakout during hormonal cycles. So please keep your hands clean and wash it as many times as you can possible.

As you can see these lifestyle modifications can save you the embarrassment of going out with acne breakouts, just be sure to healthy and live well, because without them life would be not worth living for anyways. Good luck!

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