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Acne Scars Home Remedies

Why do we use acne scars home remedies? There are many medicated acne forms, but some people not prefer to use these remedies. It contains synthetic ingredients. They fear from these remedies as it may affect their skin. So they use acne scars home remedies. These home remedies that made from natural products have been passed down from the older generation to the newer one. It used in improving the tone and the texture of the skin tissue. It can help in decreasing the number and the severity of acne scars.

The first home remedies method – One of the most effective acne scars home remedies is a mixture of tomato juice and cucumbers and made this mixture homogenous and put it in your face. Tomatoes can prevent the skin damage at the cellular level as it is anti-oxidant material. It also improves the tone of the skin and gives the immune the strength. Mixture of tomatoes and cucumber has a good role in making the skin pores tight.Applying the mixture of tomato and cucumber as home remedies in treatment of acne scars :

  1. use warm water to wash your face. This step to make sure that there no ointment traces or make up that left in your face skin.
  2. apply a mask from these mixture juices.
  3. keep the mask in your face for 20 minutes to half-hour.
  4. then remove the mask from your face.

Acne Scars Home Remedies

The second home remedies method – Another method that used as acne scar home remedies are a mixture of black gram and sandal wood. Mix them together to get it in paste form. You can use rose water or milk as the paste base. Sandal wood has a cooling effect. It has a great role in decreasing the skin acne scars irritation and inflammation.Applying paste mixture of sandal wood and black gram as home remedies in treatment of acne scars :

  1. apply the paste in your face ( you can use it in the acne effected area only).
  2. leave it in your face over-night.
  3. in the morning clean your face by wash it with cool water.

The third home remedies method – Another useful acne scar home remedies is a paste contain Indian neem and Australian tea tree oil. It is a very effective treatment for acne scars as it has anti-bactericidal agents.

The Fourth home remedies method – another good home remedy to get a ride of acne scars is egg whites. Applying it is looks like the sandal wood paste :

  • apply as a face mask.
  • left for over night.
  • use cool water to clear your face.

The Fifth home remedies method – the final way that remedy the acne scars is the wheat germ. It must be used in regular way. It gives very good effecting in acne scars treatment as it contains the right vitamins.

Also a pack of ice consider a type of acne scars home remedies. It can be used increase of severe acne scars inflammation. It reduces the inflammation scars and makes the skin pores more tight .

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