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Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil is another natural acne treatment that is gaining popularity among those looking for alternative clear skin solutions. Best used as a spot treatment, tea tree oil has strong anti-bacterial qualities that can kill the acne-tea-tree-oilcausing bacteria beneath your skin. You could say that it’s a natural alternative benzoyl peroxide, both in use and effects.

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca Alternafolia Tree, and has traditionally been
used to treat all kinds of ailments, from soothing pain to eliminating cold sores. Since inflammation of the skin is often exacerbated by bacteria, applying tea tree oil can result in faster healing of for small wounds. It also serves as a helpful disinfectant that doesn’t sting like alcohol.

Used as an acne treatment, a small amount of tea tree oil applied directly to an acne lesion will usually kill the underlying bacteria, often eliminating even small cysts within just a day or two. Users should take care not to apply too much, as tea tree oil can easily dry out your skin. Some may benefit from diluting it with a small amount of water, although most users are fine with 100% tea tree oil – provided that it is applied very lightly, and only directly upon acne spots.

How does it compare to BP? Well, results tend to vary with the user, but most user comments indicate that tea tree oil is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide, and often less drying. Some individuals experience faster results with BP, while other see faster results with tea tress oil, but this is most likely due to the quantities of each treatment applied, as well as natural differences in skin type. Other than that, tea tree oil will not bleach your clothes and sheets like BP will, but it does have an unpleasant smell that is often likened to gasoline (obviously, this is more noticeable with larger applications).

While tea tree oil is not a long-term acne solution (as it does not prevent acne), it is a very potent spot treatment for most acne sufferers, and is also more affordable than many benzoyl peroxide products. If you’re looking for a quick fix to get rid of that one acne spot, this may be it.

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